George Floyd Memorial Scholarship

Are you committed to social justice? Are you a student at Cabrillo college? Please apply to the George Floyd Memorial Scholarship! 

Awards will be given out in February! 

To apply please go to the following link and answer the questions

George Floyd Memorial Scholarship Application

Martin Luther King Jr Scholarship

The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Essay- Scholarship Contest began in 2004—sponsored by George Ow Jr. in commemoration of Martin Luther King Jr. and of Ow’s commissioned sculpture of the King by Barrington McLean, the first African American faculty member of Cabrillo College. Dr. King, one of the most prominent civil rights leaders of all time, espoused social justice, non-violence, and human rights activism. He dreamed of an equitable society wherein all people are treated with dignity and respect and his philosophy, that individuals should not be judged by the color of their skin, sex and sexual orientation, religious beliefs, or class, but by the content of their character, maintains relevance today. All students are encouraged to apply for this scholarship.

Tony Hill Memorial Scholarship

The Tony Hill Memorial Scholarship was established in 2010 to support Cabrillo College students, primarily students of color. Tony Hill was a prominent community activist and treasured mentor who died in 2007. He was an inspirational leader, gifted mediator, and bridge-builder in our community. Tony worked tirelessly for social and economic justice, education, housing, and jobs for African Americans. He dedicated his life to championing the plight of the poor and often marginalized in Santa Cruz County. Cabrillo students who submit an application and essay for the MLK Scholarship will also be eligible for the $500 Tony Hill Memorial Scholarship.