Amplify student podcast

This podcast series is dedicated to Cabrillo students, black voices, and social justice.

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Nikia Chaney

Nikia Chaney is a professor of English and Poetry at Cabrillo College. She is dedicated to creating space for black students both on and off campus, and addresses issues such as Social Justice, Equality, and Racism both in the workplace and in the other organizations she works with. She is the founder and editor of Jamii Publishing and shufPoetry.


Raina Chelise

My name is Raina Chelise, and I am a Teacher-Student within the Communication Studies Department here at Cabrillo College. I started my journey into higher education back in 2007 as a student on our campus, and discovered – after taking so, so many classes – that communication studies was the field for me. As a communication scholar, I came to realize that we (re)create our reality through our everyday communication acts. In this way, the (seemingly small) communication choices we make come together to perpetuate, challenge, or transform our experience. Amplify is one way to challenge the status quo and illuminate the traditionally silenced and overlooked experiences of students of color within our campus community and (re)create a space of belonging.